1. Wonder The Kite Collectors 2:24

“Wonder”, the new track from the UK indie act The Kit Collectors, is a wonderful chord progression filled with melodies and hooks in a way that can make you long for the simpler days of folk rock ala a mix of Dylan, the Dead, and even a little Phish. But The Kite Collectors do this in an original and catchy way with a crafty mixture of crystal clear acoustic guitars, electric guitars with just enough dirt to be dangerous, and a beautifully complimentary Hammond Organ to top everything off and give the soulful vocals a pasture to roam. Bravo!

About The Kite Collectors
Wiltshire based three-piece mod-influenced outfit The Kite Collectors have been gathering some great reviews for their recently released album “Clockface”. As a treat for the music loving public, they are giving you the chance to sample the quality of the album by making the track “Wonder” available on Soundcloud.

“Wonder” is a wonderful amalgam of all that is good in classic mod-tinged pop. You can hear echoes of Steve Winwood (Spencer Davis Group and Traffic), Steve Marriott (The Small Faces and Humble Pie) and, of course, Paul Weller. With an almost bluesy acoustic intro that leads straight into the distinctive tones of Robby Allen’s vocals and the driving bass and drums that are complemented by electric guitar work, “Wonder” would be a great addition to the record collections for any fans of this classically British genre.

Weighing in at an all too rare these days, 2 min 30 seconds, it is deliciously sharp and to the point.

The album “Clockface” features Robby Allen on vocals and guitar (as well as keyboards and other instruments in the studio), Pete Summerfield on drums and Al Reynish on bass. Impressively, Robby wrote the album in between studying for a doctorate. “Clockface” is a conceptual piece that features the main character Clockface. Each of the 14 songs tells of a different person who Clockface meets during one day in his life. A short film has been scripted following the story and is on its way soon.

“Wonder” is a perfect introduction to “Clockface” and will certainly whet the appetite for the album. Available on Paisley Records.

SOURCE: Official Bio