1. Friends Or Foes The Kronskies 3:13

The Kronskies have released their new single titled ‘Friends or Foes’. Right from the start you get that gritty rock guitar announcing the song’s arrival. What you get after that is a band that is hungry. Hungry for attention in every way a band should be. Because the song sticks with you and stays long after its gone from your playlist, which should be a while in and of itself. You get the variedness that you don’t get with the monotony of most songs. You get that solid and continuous hook that fever dreams your brain as you listen. You get the band’s signature. Stamped on your brain.

About The Kronskies

The Kronskies are an Austrian indie-rock band formed in Graz in 2014. The band consists of Florian Pichlbauer (lead vocals, guitar), Fridolin Krenn (bass, vocals) and Leo Mitterer (drums).

Soon after their foundation they won the Styrian final of the 2014 ‘Local Heroes’ band competition in Austria, attracting a lot of attention in the Austrian music scene.

Their sound is rich in complex harmonies and catchy melodies and sits somewhere in the middle of the early works of Arctic Monkeys and The Kooks. In 2017 they released their first EP ‘Stay With Izzy’, currently they are working on their debut album.

Their latest single ‘Friends or Foes’ (recorded at the GAB Music Factory in Vienna) features a prominent guitar riff at the beginning of the song and emphasizes their trademark Trio sound.

Lead singer Pichlbauer thematises the end of a long-term relationship and addresses the difficulty of making critical decisions while using metaphors from the world of Chess.