With a driving beat and tasty rhythm, The Landed deliver a powerful mix of rock and pop ecstasy with their new single titled ‘Don’t Look Up To The Stars’. Building with a powerful chord progression the song is sung with a decadent assertion in such a way to convert any casual listener to a fan.

About The Landed
There’s something about the volatile power struggle between two brothers and the two acting peacemakers that just make a band work. It’s certainly been the case for The Landed who have been together for many years now.

The result can be heard in their sound which is catchy yet flamboyant with the instruments set alight by that simmering sibling rivalry.

The Landed make classic, air-punching guitar driven songs. The kind of songs you write when you’ve grown up loving all the right records, something these four young men from Essex thank their parents for.


  • Paul Hale
  • David Hale
  • Dan Currie
  • Paul Jannece