The Light The Heat have released their new song titled ‘Afterlight’, in collab with Roary. Featuring an atmospheric and spacious musical cavern with perfect acoustics, ‘Afterlight’ serenades us with a beautiful and spacious hook that helps the song become a part of you after that first listen. Described as an ‘awakening’ by the band, ‘Afterlight’ takes that childlike sense of wonderment and awe at the world and dusts off the dirt and grime left by the world that we often give too much credit for. Negativity. What we hear on the news and within social media can drag us down and prevent us from moving on and moving forward. The Light The Heat gives us a torch for the goodness in all of us, and around us.

About The Light The Heat

Formed in 2014, The Light The Heat is the musical duo of Nathan Horst and Jesse Proctor. Together they create an atmospheric blend of contemporary folk and uplifting pop music that carries the listener on a moving musical journey.

The band name was derived from Peter Gabriel’s iconic hit “In Your Eyes,” the chorus proclaims, In your eyes, the light the heat, in your eyes I am complete. The reference stands as the launching point for the duo’s brand of emotive and anthemic music.

Their new EP Afterlight follows the band’s 2020 debut album Wide Awake, and sees the duo building off of the bold and ambitious steps with their sound that has amassed millions of streams and a loyal crop of fans around the world. “The theme of the Afterlight EP is waking up to our present reality. Maintaining a sense of beauty and wonder of the world right in front of us. Becoming more aware of the here and now including self awareness that opens up our capacity to change and to love,” they explain.

This is a powerful statement in 2021, in a time when so many people are looking to the future or dwelling on the past. The band opens up about how the pandemic impacted their relationships and brought to light underlying issues that have been simmering below the surface. Lead single “Afterlight” is a meditation on positivity despite painful or difficult thoughts coming to the forefront. The larger-than-life melodies and orchestral arrangements shine a light in the dark.

“Feel Alive” focuses on the things in life that make us feel truly lucky to be on this earth. It’s an ode to the beautiful world around us and how we can learn to appreciate it. “Waking Up” is about owning your faults and coming clean to the ones you love. Everyone makes mistakes but it’s how we learn from them that defines who we are. With Afterlight, The Light The Heat provide us with messages of hope in the face of vulnerability and doubt. Feel-good melodies of reassurance wrap us up like a warm blanket, letting us know things will be okay.