Channeling the energies of fIREHOSE, Echo & The Bunnymen, The dBs and other pioneers of the New Wave and Indie Pop genres, The Musket Vine achieve what is actually incredibly hard to do. They do it their own way and totally succeed at it. The only thing I really don’t like is that there are only two songs here! As I am writing this I am on the third repeat of this dynamic duo of sonic bliss.

“Valley Of Shadows” is not a tribute of the indie scene so much as it’s a validation. You know a song is brilliant as a journalist when you’re thinking of people to send this article to with the message “CHECK THIS BAND OUT!” attached to it. “Someone Like You” starts off with the perfect riff combo of synth and guitar with such a solid bass line attached that you await the verse with the same enthusiasm as waiting three years to see if Vader is really Luke’s father. Brilliant through and through.

Hey guys, GIVE US MORE!

The singles are available as a cassette from Custom Made Music at

The Musket Vine are:
Mahonry “Ace” Tovar – Vocalist/ Rhythm guitar
Ernesto Ricardez – Bass
Jorge “Danger” Aguiar – Drums/ percussion
Manny Lopez – Lead Guitar