1. With You The Northcoast 2:54

“With You”, the new track from The Northcoast, just may very well be the feel-good hit of the summer… just in time for the fall! When listening to the song, I just can’t help but get that energy I need to go about my day because it’s more of a sonic celebration every time I hear those catchy drops and continuous, thunderous beat. Well thought, nicely played, and heartily delivered, The Northcoast deliver the next evolution in revolution.


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the-northcoast-logoAbout The Northcoast
Hailing from different locations across the north coast of America, The Northcoast’s three members come from New York, New Jersey and Seattle. They are the perfect example of how distance is no barrier to making music and with the aid of technology they have been emailing projects to each other and making music for over 10 years.

“With You” is their latest sparkly single, produced by Tom Lord-Alge, and is the perfect accompaniment to a long road trip or lazing on the grass on a summer’s day.

Each member of the group has played at least three instruments since childhood and this, combined with their multi-cultural backgrounds, has given the group a plethora of musical influences and experience. Combining the pumping beats of Michael Jackson and bass lines of Passion Pit and Chvrches, there really is something for everyone to enjoy.

The Northcoast have realised their childhood dream of both making and performing music. Having made an impact on the stages of Vans Warped Tour and played alongside big names such as Gia Farrell, their future is already looking bright!