1. The Fuzz Guitar The Pink Diamond Revue 3:12

The Pink Diamond Review is set to release their new single titled ‘The Fuzz Guitar’, dropping on October 21st.

That first listen shows a cacophony of samples from different eras mashed into the dirty gritty glitter of the fuzz guitar. What guitarist call the Big Muff. That sexy place in the annals of tone where beauty is dirty and music is muddy. Few guitarists can tame that tone but, when you do, you get that brilliance from another world and a special ‘jedi’ moment. We get that tone from 3 different eras here and it meshes like melted ice and water with the beat and rhythm. Let this run on a loop. Let that sonic canvas ooze with painted fur because that canvas has speakers. And they’re broken.

About The Pink Diamond Revue

‘’The Fuzz Guitar’’ taken from their forthcoming film ‘’A NEW KIND OF LIFE’’ which tells the story of AcID DoL going missing during lockdown available from December 2021

The Pink Diamond Revue are a 3 piece from London UK fronted by aCid DoL, a model from another dimension, Tim Lane (guitar) and Rob Stock (drums). Taking references as far back as the 1950’s they combine hypnotic beats and electronica of today and using backing tracks, analogue keyboards and 60’s b movie type cut ups, they create a totally futuristic dance sound. They have performed over 300 live shows in UK and Europe in the last 8 years This is all delivered with an underlying confrontational edge.

Their live shows are like no other band, a self- produced film is projected over the band as they perform creating an audio visual assault, often leaving the audience breathless.

They combine fashion music and art …Fashion is art, music is art, it should be combined where ever possible and The Pink Diamond Revue have managed this …. Their music can be heard at fashion shows and they have performed at art galleries as part of their non conformist approach to live shows….Rock’n’Roll has moved on.