The Standby has released today an epic guitar-driven magnum musical opus in the form of their new single titled ‘Constant Nausea’. The track is a rich blend of guitar bliss and musical brilliance and captures the listener with that sonic decadence that only true original talent can possess. The Standby have such a tightness within their music which shows they click as both artists and brothers.

Jordan Sigmund (guitar, vocals) says, “When we finished writing Constant Nausea, I immediately recognized it as the sound I’d been searching for in this band. To me, Constant Nausea is quintessential (The) Standby right now, and we’ve been beyond stoked to show what we’re about.”

‘Constant Nausea’ is out today!

About The Standby
The Standby is comprised of Jordan Sigmund (Vocals, Guitar), Jake Brown (Drums), and Lyle Sallade (Bass, Backing Vocals). The band has quickly become a dynamic presence in Pennsylvania and the surrounding areas, with the group’s debut release ‘Wintersun’ (produced by Gary Cioni) finding traction on Spotify playlists and it’s corresponding music video premiering on both Dreambound (YouTube, 282k subs) and Alternative Press.

In turn, this solidified the band’s ability to bring something new and fresh to an otherwise stagnant subgenre. The three-piece delivers a huge soundscape that is both highly energetic and tragically somber, creating a pallet that any alternative music fan can easily take from and enjoy.

The band fuses elements of some of the scene’s most cherished classics (Thrice, Thursday) with more modern stylings reminiscent of some of today’s newer powerhouses (Casey, Movements, Can’t Swim) to form a perfect storm of genre-bending.

This has made the Erie, Pennsylvania based emo-indie trio already a rising favorite, playing to over 100 attendees their first time at The Vanguard in Tulsa, Oklahoma and deemed “indie hometown heroes” by the Erie Reader.

Following the release of ‘Wintersun’, many newly-found fans have been left eagerly waiting for more.