1. One The Survival Code 3:36

A total assault on the aural senses is exactly how “One”, the new single from London indie outfit The Survival Code, hits you from 0:00. The guitars chug throughout like a freight train and the back beat hits you like an absolute psycho. This is a song that doesn’t f*ck around. A must have for new music.


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About The Survival Code
The Survival Code are a three-piece rock band based in London.

This release followed the debut album MMXV released in July 2015: “an “Astonishingly tight, realised and mature” debut album – MMXV. (Vulture hound) . “MMXV is a strong debut…an absolute must for any rock music fan”(Rocksins)

Their heavy drops and melodious breaks offer up “Big dynamic shifts, impactful choruses, and very clean and tight rhythm section interplay…each track is very well crafted, with slick combination of melody and rhytm” (Midlands rocks)

The Survival Code blends both old school and contemporary rock sounds, listing the likes of Coheed and Cambria, Foo Fighters, Deftones, Alkaline Trio, The Cure, Taking Back Sunday, SOAD, Billy Corgan, The Beatles and Biffy Clyro amongst their influences.

The guys played over 40 gigs in London and UK in 2015/16, as well as embarking on their UK tour at the end of 2016. The Survival Code deliver an energy packed live show with more stamina and sweat than the Olympics. “A set filled with energy and emotion” (Rocksins)

“Music is a form of storytelling, and it’s my job to make that story captivating” Gary McGuinness, Lead Singer/Guitarist

The guys have been writing an album for the past year and are intending to record in Wales in February with a view to a Summer release of an as yet untitled second album. 2016 was a crazy year which saw 2 bassists, a manager that ran off with months of work along with the usual madness, this is why a short EP was released to keep some sort of momentum going.

Simon Efemey best known for working with both heavy rock (Napalm Death and Obituary) to pop (The Wonderstuff).

History before 2015
Lead singer Gary McGuinness is the project’s driving force. A classical guitar scholar originally from Dublin and drummer in successful alternative rock bands for a decade, Gary moved to London in 2010 to see if a dent could be made in the UK music scene, turning his attention to creating an unequalled band that would appeal to more than just a ‘heavy metal’ crowd.

“I’d recommend you pay attention and play it loud” (Music scramble)

TSC played throughout London and beyond in 2011-2012 promoting the EP “Everything but Today”, gaining a solid touring background and fan-base, before taking 20-months out to write and record the full album. A record deal with respected record label, IRL (Independent Records Limited) followed and all of a sudden there was a vehicle to release their music to the masses professionally.

SOURCE: Official Bio

Gary McGuinness (Lead Singer/Guitartist)
Tom Cook: (Drummer/Backing Vocals)
Michael Eden (Bass)