1. Funky But Chic The Winachi Tribe 4:03

The Winachi Tribe is set to drop their new single titled ‘Funky But Chic’ on March 6! Featuring a nuvo-style harking back to the days when synth was chic and funk was crunk, the tribe known as Winachi shows how original they actually are with a song that peps that step long after you hear it. And that is the sound that’s signature because when a song becomes that smiling memory long after its heard then you have that ‘lightning in a bottle’ moment that gives that song credence to be the soundtrack to that magical moment in your life.

About ‘Funky But Chic’

One of the U.K’s most unique bands teams up with one of Italy’s most iconic fashion brands for an exciting collaboration!!! Spring/Summer 2020 will see Electro Funk collective ‘The Winachi Tribe’ embark on a tour to promote the release of their new single ‘Funky But Chic’…a collaboration with Italian fashion giants ‘Pantofola d’Oro’. The tour will coincide with the release of the ‘Pantfola d’Oro – Winachi Collection’ trainers which have been exclusively designed by the iconic Italian brand. 2020 will see the band performing a number of dates in the U.K, Europe and a headline performance at the prestigious ‘2020 ISSA Awards’ in Atlanta, Georgia 1st August.