Well, they’re back! After a long hiatus and the death of valued conspirator DJ Spot, Ry Gizzy and Ddlux re-unite under the banner of Third Frame and release the brand new retro-rap laden hip-tastical journey known as “What It Do” showing that, not only do they still have the old chops, time and experience has added to the luster. Bravo and welcome back!

Third Frame
Third Frame

About Third Frame
The Third Frame was formed in 1997 by Ry Gizzy and Ddlux who met in high school in 1990 and formed a bond that has proven to be 25 years strong now. We started playing basement parties with our 1st DJ for a couple years or so and started getting used to being in-front of people. We had some crazy parties I even remember 1 that the whole basement was half filled with those packing peanutz it was really fun to swim. We made a lot of friends and made our name Third Frame in the scene early because Ry Gizzy and Lux have a dope chemistry.

Then Ddlux and Ry Gizzy started playing some live gigs @ local rock bar Columbia street west with a popular rock band @ the time. Then we hooked up with a mutual friend from high school which only seemed right and felt good @ the time because he was a very talented musician. We then proceeded to prefect our craft @ playing out and did so for five years straight 2-3 shows a week sometimes for free drinks and a little money if we were lucky.

During that time we made and released 3 cds, made another rock n roll band “White Trash Disco” so we had an opener, made a video, and played with several national acts. Then Ddlux met Leok3 and DJ Spot and introduced them to Ry Gizzy. We all kinda just clicked together and started making music again because it was fun again and no other reason than that. Soon Spot became our third DJ and for us we think the third time is a charm. So here we are love it or hate it but we will not stop making music until our last breaths. So until then we wanna thank all the fans and people who enjoy listening to our music we love you…

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