Giving an almost jazz-like freeform structure with a Doors-era kick, Threatmantic give a solid track in the form of their new single titled ‘First Thing’, off of their upcoming album ‘Shadow On Your Heart’.

Threatmantics have clearly picked up the much-deserved torch of Camper Van Beethoven and completely ran with it into another direction all their own. This is, simply put, a brilliant piece of music.

About Threatmantics
Threatmantics attempt to crowbar as much into rock and roll as possible. Veering wildly from heartbroken folk to balls-out rock, to spine-crushing metal, to good-time pop; barely held together by very fine thread and pretty ribbons, they play music that sounds as much like the band they wish they were as possible. Whether they will survive the pits and troughs remains to be seen, but it’s a special thing to be able to soundtrack your own adventure.

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‘Shadow On Your Heart’ is the third album from maverick Welsh art-rock misfits Threatmantics, recorded in Paris and Cardiff by French producer Anne-Sophie Ouvrier. It is their first album to be released on 12” vinyl, with a limited edition, numbered run of hand printed covers by acclaimed Welsh artist John Abell.