1. Invisible World Tony Steele and The Massacre 4:20

Tony Steele & The Massacre are set to release their new single titled ‘Invisible World’ on May 28th. Leaner and with a more rock and pop sound, Tony Steele presents a more accessible version of his massacre with a hook heavy track focusing more on guitar and his unique blend of vocals. This is definitely a solid evolution in his music.

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About Tony Steele & The Massacre

The last eighteen months have brought massive changes to ‘Tony Steele and The Massacre’. Since releasing ‘Cold Shoulder’ in November 2019, which topped the ITunes singer songwriter charts, and gained a small UK tour off the back of it, the band have gone through some turbulent times.

Firstly, parting ways with their drummer, two weeks before the Scotland leg of the tour was about to start, and then, heartbreakingly, losing bassist Peter McParland who suddenly and unexpectedly passed away, leaving Tony, not just with half a band but having to deal with losing his best friend.

Add to that, lead guitarist Charlie Landsborough Jnr also leaving the band, Tony wondered if he should carry on. Luckily, he’s not one to give up and he decided to move forward and rebuild, bringing in Mal Peet on drums (who was in ‘Mojo Revival’ with him in 2009-2011), and then bringing in Jon Dillon (ex Bribes) on Bass, and Sean Gow who had been the stand in guitarist for 5 years in as full time Lead Guitarist, and the new line up was complete!

The planned album was scrapped and Tony went about writing a whole new set of songs to suit the new line up and their musical styles, with a plan of keeping ‘Cold Shoulder’ and ‘Bound to Collide’ and using all of the other songs as B-sides.

The new material is less folky and much more sing-a-long/big sound anthems. The new single, ‘Invisible World’ is the first recording with all 4 band members on, and is a statement of intent! It was recorded at the world renowned ‘Motor Museum Studios’ in Liverpool with well known producer Al Groves.

The band have just announced their first post lockdown hometown gig at Jimmy’s in Liverpool on the 16th October, which sold out in a few days, and have also announced this single will be the first of 3 new tracks to be released over the next 6 months.

‘Tony Steele and The Massacre’ may be the same name and the same man leading the charge, but this is certainly a new beginning and long may it continue.