1. Don't Be So Sure Tulipomania 3:43
  2. Who Let You Know Tulipomania 2:57

Hailing from Philadelphia, Tulipomania’s unique take on Post-Punk boasts gritty guitars underpinned by a brooding rhythm section to provide a backdrop for compelling and atmospheric vocals.

Band members Tom Murray (lead vocals, bass, drums) and Cheryl Gelover (synthesizer, background vocals) are joined once again by Mitch Smith (guitar, background vocals), who also contributed to Tulipomania’s eponymous first album. They are also supported by Richard Hartline (piano, percussion, engineering and mastering) and Howard Thompson (executive production). Legendary 4AD designer Vaughan Oliver’s work graces the cover of double A side single ‘Who Let You Know?’ / ‘Don’t Be So Sure’.

Tulipomania’s award winning music videos have frequently favored the painstaking technique of stop-motion animation. ‘Shooting Off the Set’ blends gilded animated objects with frame-by-frame animated lights as choruses of jittery hand cast heads lip-sync the lyrics in this tumble of artifice.

‘Don’t Be So Sure’ is the band’s first hand-painted animation, featuring multiple passes of brushwork shot on thousands of individual sheets of black paper. Singing self-portraits morph and dissolve in this atmospheric exploration of ambiguity.

The video for ‘Don’t Be So Sure’ will be an official selection at Aesthetica Short Film Festival which takes place in York, UK on Friday November 11th, and the video for ‘Shooting Off the Set’ will be shown at the Stoptrik Film Festival in Maribor, Slovenia on October 27th and in Lódzm, Poland on November 11th.