Us3r is an electronic artist with a vision. It’s almost as if his songs are constructed in his head long before they are put to record. And his new single titled ‘Renegade’, off of his upcoming album ‘1985’ is the perfect preview for what is to come on May 1st. And what’s to come is a brilliant set of solid rhythms and lush harmonies styled with dreamy chord progressions. And that is what ‘Renegade’ is, and more. The track is retro in some ways, harking back to the 1980s yet, in many ways, is what is again beginning to appear on the charts with new interpretation and originality. Us3r’s vocals add a subtle emotional tone and timbre to the mostly electronic sound of the song adding a uniquely human quality while staying true to form within the genre. That is the signature of a true artist.

“This song is about sticking with your choices even when others don’t like it. I built the song around an old school analog bass groove and layered it with an indie vocal sound.”
– Us3r

The album ‘1985’ is set to drop on May 1, 2019. Links are below.

About Us3r
Us3r is a solo indie electronic artist based in Seattle, WA, who began writing music under that name in 2018. Us3r is a combination of funk, dance, synthpop, and modern pop. Working by day in product design at Amazon in Downtown Seattle, Us3r spent much of 2018 immersed in technology, local arts, and cityscapes. During that time, he spent every morning and evening writing music and solidifying the sound of his debut album, 1985.

SOURCE: Official Bio

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