1. Holiday Valborg Ólafs 3:16

Iceland’s Valborg Ólafs has today released their new single titled ‘Holiday’. Filled with that certain kind of hook that makes the song chug along with no boundaries or inhibitions, ‘Holiday’ is one of those songs that gives you that cherry on top of your day, whether good or bad. Think ‘Rumours’ era Fleetwood Mac with a 21st century twist and bathed in the originality that is Valborg Ólafs. A song meant to reinvigorate the radio waves.

About Valborg Ólafs

Formed around singer/songwriter Valborg Ólafsdóttir, the four-piece has become a rising name in their native Iceland since releasing their self-titled 2019 debut, quickly picking up spots on Icelandic Airwaves, Indie Week in Toronto, and dates across North America.

For their upcoming record, Silhouette, the band opted to self-produce the record on the southern coast of Iceland in a church under the Eyjafjallajökull volcano. As intimidating a location as that might sound, Silhouette is full of playful dichotomies, namely the fact that it’s Valborg Ólafs’s breeziest, yet strongest work to date. “Holiday” is also a good case-in-point, playing up comparisons to TOPS and Men I Trust while waxing on Bonnie and Clyde’s murderous relationship.