1. Call Of The Morning Ventrelles 3:50

Ventrelles returns with their new single titled ‘Call of the Morning’ on April 16th. That familiar sound of originality and spacious musical caverns is more prevalent and pronounced on this new single. That airiness that comes from the open guitar chords and post punk and ‘seen in color’ feel gives a potential feel-good track for the upcoming summer.

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About Ventrelles and ‘Call of the Morning’

Manchester’s Ventrelles follow up their 2020 smash and grab melodic burst of a single ‘County Lines’ with their next offering, again produced by Dean Glover (Twisted Wheel/Shotty Horrah) and mastered by Pete Maher (Pixies, Rolling Stones, Paul Weller, Liam Gallagher).

The song takes a steer away from the usually Soul heavy Ventrelles sound and and hits at hints of fellow Manc Psych drenched Pop makers Doves, with echoes of Ride, Chapterhouse and The Cure.

‘Call of the Morning’ sticks out in a music scape over obsessed with a throw away Post Punk uniformity, shouty Pop music school performers and Mumble Rappers and delivers a much needed, mesmerizing and explosive cacophony of rich colorful sound and vision that again, the world needs.”
T Monaghan.

Photos Credit: @asupremeshot