Victor E, a multi-ethnic, Montreal born and raised, baritone-voiced singer, guitarist and songwriter was born to perform. On tv at the age of 5 and onstage at 7, he has been captivating audiences from early on. With his spirited energy, emotional lyrics, and intense delivery, his unique style and approach separate and defines him.

As a child, Victor E found solace in the basement of his parents’ home, where he learned to play guitar on his own. Already adept at unleashing his creativity through songwriting and poetry, using his guitar playing as a tool, his stories were brought to life. Inspired by the likes of Peter Gabriel, Carlos Santana, Joe Satriani, and Janes Addiction, it was artists like these that gave rise to his own unique style.

Victor E burst onto the Montreal music scene in the early 90s, with his band Troubadour. It was after their demise that Victor and his new band Crazyface made a name for themselves playing in many bars and clubs around the city. They toured Canada and opened up for notable bands like the Rheostatics and National Velvet. When Crazyface came to an end, Victor E continued onwards to write and record his very own album entitled The Story So Far…

After many years in assorted bands, he is now on a slightly different path, As a solo artist, his musical journey brings to life global issues and mature content. Currently promoting his new single ‘(Today Is) The Day’, he is bringing his skilled musicianship to the forefront where the story is very far from over!

(Today Is) The Day will be released on January 1st, 2019.