Powerful from the start and energetic in a soulful kind of smexy vibe, VOILÀ delivers a ‘rhyme-tasticically’ catchy song in the form of ‘Anyway’. I have to admit that I am not a fan of the term ‘bayband’, but, in my opinion, with the level of creativity packed within ‘Anyway’, VOILÀ is more of a ‘manband’. Just take a listen for yourself. The song is embedded with much more songwriting experience and talent than a typical ‘boyband’ can usually muster, even with the help of the obligatory assembly-line craftsmanship that a ‘boyband’ requires. VOILÀ is the result of when originality and mainstream collide.

'Anyway' cover.
‘Anyway’ cover.

VOILÀ consists of Gus Ross and Luke Eisner. Gus and Luke met in the music industry program at the USC in LA, and quickly became close friends through a shared sense of style and taste in music. Gus, an Englishman, went to Eton College prior to moving to LA and was actually the lead singer of a jazz band in the UK, having performed for the Queen on occasion. Luke is originally from a small town in Wisconsin and is actually a very successful male model, having done campaigns with Calvin Klein and H&M, gaining coverage through fashion outlets like Vogue and GQ.

SOURCE: Official Bio