1. Sordid Past Willing 2:52

Fresh from a sell-out tour of his electrifying new play, Alibi (‘a tour-de-force of writing and performance’ – The Australian), dramaturge of pop, Willing, is set to release his most arresting single yet.

‘Sordid Past’ is a hectic slammer that opens in the modern fashion — a skrt, a splice sample, some autotuned emo nonsense — before revealing its promiscuous pop punk core. As if Dorian Electra and My Chemical Romance had an edge-lord demon child on the verge of a nervous breakdown.

Imagine the Divine Comedy rendered even more homo. A reckless ode to regression that dares you to press repeat time and time again.

About Willing

Willing is a queercore recording artist whose sound and steeze is a game of of reconciling oppositions. The theatre and the club. The feminine and the fuckboy. The horny banger and the bruising ballad.

His raison d’être is the pursuit of transient utopias in a constant state of emergency, oscillating wildly between pure romance and utter devastation. In short, he makes gay pop.