This Jammerzine Exclusive premiere is a real treat. Why do you ask? Because some dynamic duos were meant to be together. This is clearly a musical marriage of the creative minds because ‘Ivy’, the brand new single from Australia’s own Winters End, is such a beautiful song that it must be the culmination of a true labor of love.

Despite being a uniquely uplifting piece of music, ‘Ivy’ is also one of those songs that cut below the skin and gets into your blood with original hooks and a soaring voice of an angel and the music of a choir in the guise of Marissa Pinto. Combine that with drummer Chris Pinto’s understanding beats along with the unspoken mutual understanding of the end result and you have nothing less than a future classic. ‘Ivy’ demands to be listened to and not merely heard.

“Ivy tells the story of the extrinsic factors that can prevent two people from being together. The metaphor of Ivy is used to illustrate the pull-strength that these factors have.”
– Chris Pinto

‘Ivy’ drops today while the rest of the EP ‘Dreamwalker’ is set to release on August 23, 2018.

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Winters End are:

  • Marissa – vocals, synth, guitar, bass, organ, piano
  • Christopher Pinto – drums

About Winters End
“Overmake me. What’s this all about?”

The above is a fine line to ponder when examining the challenges faced by a frontwoman and multi-instrumentalist in today’s music industry.

Winters End’s Marissa Pinto is another female artist who takes on all the aspects of songwriting. From writing the lyrics to playing and recording all of the melodic parts that you hear in a Winters End song. This is achieved through long hours of studio work much like other amazing Australian female artists such as Tash Sultana and Hannah Fitz (Middle Kids).

Winters End are back with their Debut EP ‘DreamWalker’.

DreamWalker was the result of a tumultuous year for the brother and sister duo. 2017 saw the siblings deal with many of life’s biggest challenges which included the death of a loved-one, relationship breakdowns, sudden relocations, changes in employment and health issues.

In an effort to channel the upheaval into a positive collection of work, Winters Ends’ Marissa Pinto wrote the DreamWalker EP.

“I think it takes a certain level of commitment to your craft in order to write through the pain we’re often left with after things end. It was definitely a challenge recording DreamWalker as it involved reliving many emotions. We are very proud of what we have created in DreamWalker”
– Marissa Pinto, 2018

In 2016 Winters End won best international song at the Australian Independent Music Awards, since then, their single Mayfair has been added to major rotation on 35 US College Radio stations and continues to be played today. Due to this radio success, Winters End traveled to Texas for SXSW looking to further develop their links to the Australian and global music industries.

As a result of this Winters End are now primed to release their DreamWalker EP in August starting with a US release.

In a recent intimate showcase at LeadBelly in Sydney, Marissa Pinto was able to showcase two songs from DreamWalker. This performance garnered much attention, as highlighted in the following media quote “Feelings of isolated anguish filled the room to throbbing levels of heartache that resounded from the synth chords of Pinto’s electric guitar when she sampled the songs ‘Safe’ and ‘Polyfiller’ from Winters End’s forthcoming EP”.
– Amnplify April 2018

SOURCE: Official Bio