Taking the power trio concept to the next level, Woodfish delivers a powerful guide to musician’s virtuosity with their new single titled ‘Damn Thang’. Infectious to the core and wrapped in hooks, ‘Damn Thang’ gives nods to musical legends from Jaco Pastorius to John Frusciante while adding their own stamp on craftsmanship. Bravo!

About Woodfish
Woodfish is one of today’s best U.S. based rock bands. The band’s appeal is universal. Their music is energetic; groove oriented and places heavy emphasis on the bass. The drive behind the creation and performance of Woodfish’s music is to stick to the roots of what makes great rock music while still creating a great new “Woodfish” sound that keeps people moving while touching their hearts and souls. The music of Woodfish can be described as a combination of rock, funk, surf, jam band and progressive styles which, infused together, provide audiences with an intoxicating and entertaining musical “Woodfish” experience.

Woodfish is the continual result of a musical adventure/journey which was started when two rhythm section oriented brothers decided they wanted to start a rock band. Woodfish formed progressively as brothers, Steve Kalorin (bass/vocals) and Dominic Kalorin (drums) hit local open mic jam nights on the Jersey Shore. As time passed, the brothers joined up with other musicians and began to identify a cohesive, consistent sound in their jams.  Inspired by friends, songwriters and other musicians they met along the way they then decided to combine the free elements of their jamming with traditional and innovative songwriting arrangement styles.  The resulting sound is now the very rhythmic, energetic and intoxicating sound you will find here on their website.  Over the years, the full line up of the band members changed as things do with many rock bands but the Woodfish sound has and always will always remain constant.

SOURCE: Official Bio