1. God’s Little Punching Bag YNES 3:15

YNES has today released her new single titled ‘God’s Little Punching Bag’. Full of personality and filled with bravado and attitude, YNES’ new single takes a dive into a pool full of snark and comes out clean with a truthful ingestion of reality with a song length hook and music that keeps up with the artist. This is an anthem for the ’20s.

About YNES

English-Canadian YNES (pronounced Yin-es) was born in Coventry but has spent time living and working in Canada; with fans drawing lyrical comparisons from both the DIY post-punk scene in North America, to the more refined likes of Zuzu and Lauran Hibberd. From 80’s synth to the 90’s slack, YNES takes inspiration from a multitude of sources – all of which are staple in her eclectic yet honest sound.

YNES has played a range of venues across England; including The Sunflower Lounge, The George Tavern (sold out), and main stage at Bigfoot Festival (cap. 4000). YNES is booked to perform in Coventry, Birmingham, Manchester, and Newcastle this summer.

Notable airplay includes Islington Radio, Charlie Ashcroft (both Amazing Radio) and ‘Fresh Finds’ on Spotify), Punk Rock Demo (LA) and Pit Pit Punk (Montreal).

Locally, YNES has collaborated with Boudica Festival, City of Culture, and BBC Introducing C&W.

Self-motivation is a running theme in YNES’ work – from organising and styling photoshoots for promo purposes, to designing flyers for independent gigs, to developing and maintaining a strong online identity. The vision is to make music, connect with the right listeners, and hopefully build something that will more than suffice as a career to even the most traditional of family members.

YNES is planning multiple single releases for summer/autumn 2021 – with possibility of releasing these onto an EP.