Zenith Volt has premiered the new single titled ‘Hold On‘ right here on Jammerzine. Starting off as an electronic burst of energy from the first note, this First Listen garners the attention with ecstatic energy and electric harmony in ways that only a true artist can muster. Designed for the dancefloor and mastered for the masses, ‘Hold On’ gives that certain something we all need to erode the isolation and ‘go through the motion’ and lets us ‘hold on to what we got’, which is each other. This is brilliance with bass.

Hold On” sounds like it could be written for these crazy modern times, as an anthem for the 20’s even this early on. What did you set out to write about when you started working on this track?

I actually started writing “Hold On” at the end of 2019 and it eerily fell right in line with my life as 2020 unfolded and society seemed to be tearing into itself. So naturally, it became more of an anthemic message about perseverance and the prodigious pursuit of the greater good. Essentially it asks the question, how do we get there? You have to HOLD ON.

The production is fantastic, a mix of the retro with a large modern sound (reminds me of MGMT’s “Oracular Spectacular”). Did you produce this yourself, who else did you team up on to create “Hold On”?

First off … glad you like it! All of the pre-production of the instrumentals and lyric composition was done solely by myself in my home studio on Maui. And then when I was ready to get final vocal takes I met up with my good friend Eric Scullin in LA and together we dug deeper into the mixing process and unearthed a banger.

Lastly, I wanted to touch on Hawaii as your home base. Each part of the country has certainly always had its own feel but especially nowadays those differences are becoming more distinct. I once heard that the weather is always so nice in Hawaii that people lose their grasp on reality haha. Does your music even fit into the physical world, or is the Zenith Volt universe more transcendent?

To your observation, in my own words, I refer to Hawaii as my home planet. It is a great place that seems to work hand in hand with the ethereal sound and aesthetic that is Zenith Volt. I’m definitely writing what I feel with my full senses when I am home on an island…. wide open spaces / starry nights / long horizons / a readily available grasp of infinity. I feel like music, in general, is pulled from The Great Beyond by artists, and reconstructed into an earthy form, so at its core, it’s dually rooted in transcendence AND reality.

When life and love have the inability to serve as waypoints for one’s own universal existence there is only one thing to do… Hold On. Instability can only exist when harmony feels as if its too far down the road. As long as we hold on we will make it. Don’t ever let go…

About Zenith Volt

Pulling sounds from retro and futuristic palates, Zenith Volt constructs an ethereal reality, attuned to the openness, enormity and unpredictability of the expanding universe, and the unknown that ever lies ahead.

Writing, recording, and broadcasting auditory reverberation across the universe from the island of Maui, Hawaii.