Zophy Ohr today premieres her new single titled ‘We Are Gold’. Powerful from the first note, Zophy delivers robust vocal performance over a percussive and catchy chord progression. The turns that this song takes is outside of the box yet inside the feels where dreams come true and the struggle is recognized and appreciated.

‘We Are Gold’ is about that inner strength in all of us that, while we may not know we have, others see that we possess. Possibilities are within reach if we reach out and the suffering we endure achieving those goals makes the end result even more satisfying. The sweet is never as sweet without the sour.

‘This is a song about enjoying the moment after the struggle; about recognizing that we are all worthy of our dreams; it’s a reminder that no matter your situation, we can all succeed and be better. I come from Peru, a country where there are little opportunities for artists, and somehow I’ve ended up in London. I’ve seen first-hand that the possibilities are endless.’

About We Are Gold

Produced at Metropolis Studios with Ben Collier (Jess Glynne, James Bay, The Script, Little Miz, James Arthur), ’We Are Gold’ is the stunning debut single from Zophy Ohr. Like its creator, the song brims with cosmopolitan, rootless and charismatic charm, immediately marking Zophy as an undeniable potential heavy-hitter in pop’s landscape. It’s a life-affirming meditation on the limitless potential inside us all. Writing it was an act of transcendence for Zophy.

Born in the melting pot of Peru, she has seen the effects of a government and a society that tries to clip the aspirational wings of its people. Through a unique fusion of Latin music stylings with classic pop structure and melody, Zophy tears down the borders between global pop and provincial world music. Crossing boundaries is the central metaphor of ‘We Are Gold’, but Zophy reminds us that the most important boundaries to shed are the ones imposed on us by ourselves and by others. She arrives bearing an important message. It’s time to listen.

Zophy Ohr comes from a dream I had that had a lot of meaning for me. I like that it represents the art and creativity that lives within me.

About Zophy Ohr

Zophy Ohr (real name Alessandra Morris) is a Peruvian singer, songwriter, and actress who gained renown in Latin America in 2008 after she became one of nine finalists selected among thousands for MTV’s La Zona de Combate. She was exposed to art at a very young age. Zophy’s father read poetry and played jazz and classical music on old vinyl while her mother, a painter and a psychologist, always supported her career in the performing arts. “I started to write seriously when I was seven,” Zophy says. “I wrote my first poem because I got bored in the car waiting for my dad. Soon I was writing songs.” After studying advertising at university she went on to pursue music. Her original songs ‘Me Pregunto’, ‘Una Extraña Forma de Amar’, ‘Hoy No Te Tengo’ and ‘Dime Porque’ entered the MTV Ourstage charts, leading to a collaboration with Ecuadorian band Mama Vudu on their track ‘Ladrando’ (from the compilation album Motel Ultra).

Alessandra then became a techno/house DJ, playing venues across Lima. She left Peru to pursue a professional career as a singer/songwriter in London. Here she studied music, gained an MA in Music Business, and started performing in open mics. She has played in venues such as The Water Rats, The Islington, The Spice of Life, and 93 Feet East, among others. In 2016 she released a series of demos from her self-titled EP, which have been aired by several local radio stations including Shoreditch Radio and Reel Rebels. She also won the Showcase Award at the Regionals Competition of the Open Mic UK 2017. Currently, Zophy Ohr is gearing to release a set of singles, the first of which is her debut single ‘We Are Gold’.

Featured image by Lucio Serrano.