Set against the backdrop of the alarming rise of the “New World Order” and the seemingly global “consolidation of power”, California’s a toi me’SHen create an anthem for the masses that is the 99% with a memorable video for their track “Phony People Conspiracy”. With stellar riffs and a thunderous groove a toi me’SHen send the message of social awareness with the voice of a generation and the consciousness of global patriots.

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About a toi me’SHen:
a toi me’SHen (pronounced A Toy Machine) based out of Orange County, California, is a unique blend of amazing talent featuring 3 lead vocalists from a wide range of various styles and backgrounds. The band includes influences ranging from rock, metal, hip-hop, pop, alternative, electronic and many more; in which contributes to a unique style and approach to modern music.

a toi me’SHen operates under the philosophy in which reflects directly through its name a toi me’SHen and the definition behind each word in the name. Hence the phonetic spelling for A Toy Machine. TOY – To be treated with less than due respect by another; to be toyed with for ones amusement. MACHINE – A group of collective parts or individuals each serving their own purpose or function joined together to operate as a machine; a group of organized and powerful men (The Government).

a toi me’SHen has released their first video “Phony People”, a song taken off their self titled album. This song reflects the reasons of what and who are using us, playing with us for their own personal gain and amusement!! Making us a toi me’SHen

Tony Lanza – Vox
Daynon Lato – Vox/Guitar
Scott Pitcock – Guitar/Back-Up Vox
Doug Miller – Bassist
Jake Fight – Drums/Vox