Directed by: Boris Katzounov, Alexandra Zerner
Camera operators: Boris Katzounov, Vladimir Bichev
Video editor: Nikolina Atanasova
Actors: Victoria Ivanova, Hristo Gebrev
Music by Alexandra Zerner

Album available at:

About Alexandra Zerner
Born in Sofia, Bulgaria, Alexandra Zerner is a solo artist, guitar player, multi-instrumentalist and composer. She has been working as a session musician, soundengineer and guitar teacher since 2001.

In 2013 she participated as a guest musician to the We All Die (Laughing)’s first album “Thoughtscanning”. In January 2014 she started her solo career as a guitarist, working on her debut solo album “9 Stories”, which is released on November 19th, 2014.

In the beginning of the year she was invited by Déhà Amsg to be a part of the Post-Rock/Ambient project “Aurora Borealis”, where they together made the album “The Path To Atlas”, which is about to be released in 2015.

Since September 2014, she becomes a part of the worldwide “Another Destiny Project” as a lead guitarist. In October, 2014 Alexandra Zerner is already in the “Top 15 Hard Rock & Metal Female Guitar Shredders” chart by