All In is a melodic hardcore group from Poplarville, Mississippi. Just recently finishing the mixing and mastering of their first EP “Lost”, they are currently looking to take their career to the next step and are actively seeking out different labels and managements to help/instruct them along the way. While the help of a label for their end goal is extremely important, they are not afraid of the DIY industry. Whether that be booking, promoting, artwork, merchandise or whatever else, they always face each struggle as a challenge to take a step forward and progress towards their goal.

“Working with All In has been nothing but a pleasure, they are clearly extremely passionate about the music they perform. This shows through their persistence for perfection within the important aspects of the band ranging from detailed musicianship to the tight aesthetic fitting right into the melodic hardcore spectrum, along the likes of Counterparts, Capsize, Landscapes etc.” -Erik Bickerstaffe of Paralysis Studios (UK)

Priorly members of Atlas Shrugged, All In formed soon after that project disbanded. While half of Atlas had different plans for their musical motives, the others shared the same idea; to make music that could appeal to nearly any crowd so that the message behind the band could be spread. All In is a quite literal description for what the band represents: that no one gets left behind to face their struggles alone. Whether it be internal or external, together as one the means to push forth can be achieved.

Constantly progressing with each passing day, the members of this newly formed band are working diligently to prove they will be a mark in 2015’s music history. They are currently booking shows as well as arranging their first small tour runs to showcase themselves as a new band searching for new opportunities. Be on the lookout for their upcoming first release, the 5 track EP “Lost.”