André Salvador and the Von Kings have premiered their new video for the track titled ‘I Love You’. From the first note, this track has a personality about it. One that matches the quirky animation of the equally stellar video. Making this an ingenious combination that, in my opinion, shows that André Salvador and the Von Kings have not only found their sound but know exactly how to package it.

‘I Love You’ shows that chaotic beauty and solitude inside the mind of an introvert trying to get his feelings across. There’s that disjointed mess within the hook. The video shows this as well but, that is precisely what makes this not only brilliant, but endearing.

About André Salvador and the Von Kings

Born in Wisconsin but raised on the East Coast, Cheplick has largely spent his time with a singular focus on making music wherever he is. Recording and putting out music under different monikers, Cheplick adopted the current band name and self-released “Rock and Roll Springtime” in March 2016. A follow-up, “This Is Play” came in December 2017, the first to include Paul Provenzano who answered a “Drummer Wanted” flier in a record store for a gig on his birthday.

For their debut LP on Last Night From Glasgow, Cheplick and Provenzano headed to Nashville to record with producer Robin Eaton (Lionlimb, the Spinto Band) at Club Roar Studios. Here they laid the foundation for a new batch of songs, recording rhythm guitar and drums which Cheplick took home to build on and craft a close approximation of what he heard in his head. The result has a homemade appeal. The people, bars, streets, and scenes of New York City inform the 12 tracks which range from a sparse grand piano and hushed vocals to poppy synth-driven upbeat melancholia. The self-titled album releases August 31, 2020.

André Salvador and the Von Kings is the moniker of mysterious singer/songwriter Tim Cheplick, a Brooklyn-based multi-instrumentalist who pens “tasty psych/indie tunes that feel modern and forward-thinking” (The Deli).