Anna Wolf delivers a magnificent and confident performance in the form of her new video and single titled ‘Silence’. The song deals with anxiety, which all of us can personally relate to. Whether is from past or current personal, family, or even societal events, anxiety walks among us like someone we want to avoid but is always right beside us, poking and prodding. What Anna does here is something that I feel needs to be done more often, and that is to give advice and hope to her fans. And the fact that she doesn’t look at them as fans, but wolves, as she calls them, shows that she is a personable and compassionate person who teaches from the experiences that she has learned from like an old trusted friend. This, to me, makes her more than a talented artist, but a revered woman.

On the musical side, Anna sets forth a lush and hook-laden soundscape that captures the essence of the meaning of the lyrics with a bold beat and rich textures of sound that gives an added punctuation to the lyrics. I think this is why we remember our favorite scenes in movies better than memories in our lives and also why those life memories can so easily be remembered when a certain song is played in our presence.

‘Silence’ is one of those songs that shows it’s meaning in the words and drives that meaning home in the music, much like that inner beauty those we love have told us about because our real beauty is on the inside. Having said that, I must declare that Anna Wolf is beautiful.

About Anna Wolf & ‘Silence’
The track delves into Miss Wolf’s own struggle with anxiety; which was born in her childhood by bearing witness to domestic violence. The inspiration to make this song she follows up to the first single “Believer” was taken from her numerous encounters with fans, or as she refers to them, her fellow ‘wolves’, who felt safe in sharing their own stories of mental illness with her.

“It is hard to ignore the cry for help. I knew I had to dedicate a song to my fellow wolves and to let them know that they are not alone. We aren’t the stories we tell ourselves, we are merely the observers of. The journey of becoming more and more silent in oneself is where I feel comfort, as this is where my true self resides. It is a constant practice of course.”

There is never a specific format to Anna’s songwriting, as half of “Silence” was written seven years ago. Never-the-less Miss Wolf took the demo into the studio and played it to The Bears Production team and within a few hours, “Silence” was born.

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During the writing process, Miss Wolf jokingly suggested to fellow writer Dantae Johnson that she would rap the pre-chorus, and once doing so everyone in the studio loved the idea so much that this lyrical rap was kept in and is heard in the final version.

With a fresh production sound created by Pete Boxta Martin, together with an authentically driven story, this song is the anthem you have been waiting for and wouldn’t be out of place on Taylor Swift’s award-winning “Reputation” album.

The song speaks of finding the truth between all the rubble of thoughts and how through the challenges of self-discovery you can find your own silence within.

The music video portrays how Wolf’s inner demons are the obstacles that hold her back. The demons metaphorically inspired the helium-filled balloons that are tied to Wolf and restrain her from the freedom of movement and ultimate self-actualization. As her struggle continues, the intensity of their hold on her intensifies and their ropes turn into imaginary vines. Wolf confronts this struggle in the music video as she sugars through an array of emotions in an attempt to heal her inner-self through the journey of self-actualization. We jump between different states of consciousness to give the viewer a glimpse of Wolf’s complex inner being and heightened emotional state. She does free herself from the balloons at the end of the video to offer a message of hope to those who continue to be restrained by the shackles a state of anxiety can bring.

“This is your anthem. This is for you, my fellow wolves.”
– Anna Wolf

With influences from Bjork, PJ Harvey to Johnny Cash and Twenty One Pilots; live think a mix of (a female) Woodkid and Christine & The Queens; Anna Wolf is a force to be reckoned with and an artist to be seen live or you just won’t quite believe what you’ve heard through the musical grapevine… Be sure to catch her on one (or more) of her upcoming dates.