ASM drop their new collab with Chinese Man with their new video titled ‘Honey’. Like a sucker punch to the gut, the track hits you hard with the beat and lyrical assault to the senses like depleted uranium to the skull. The video perfectly compliments the song with cut and paste-like creativity and dropped mic-bombs with each scene cut that keeps to the rhythm of the track. A perfect marriage of audio and video.

About ASM

With 3 critically acclaimed full-length albums and over 600 shows in 25 different countries under their belt, ASM has established themselves as one of the pre-eminent hip hop acts in Europe today. Their unique brand of sophisticated, ultra-lyrical boom-bap fusion continues to serve as a refreshing reminder that hip hop can be fun, artistically ambitious, and intelligent.

Principally composed of MC’s Green and FP and DJ/Producer Fade aka RHINO, this international trio of friends from high school (one Canadian, one German, one English) first gained international recognition from their collaborative singles with Wax Tailor: “Positively Inclined” & “Say Yes”, and have since collaborated with the likes of Chinese Man, MF DOOM, Deluxe, La Fine Equipe, and many more.

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After spending the last 18 months touring extensively as live MCs of Marseille legends Chinese Man as part of the Shikantaza tour, 2019 sees the return of ASM with a brand-new album and tour project as the latest act on the illustrious roster of Chinese Man Records.

After exploring the depths of cinematic orchestration and pushing the boundaries of narrative rap on their 2015 opus “The Jade Amulet” and the returning to their origins in smoked-out jazzy boom bap on the 2016 “String Theory EP”, 2019 sees ASM takes a new direction in the form of the new studio album “Color Wheel”.

Featured image by Damien Chamcirkan.