Attic Theory has just released their new video titled ‘Your Light’. A somber rock track from the start with heavy hooks and an old school persona throughout, the track really kicks in for the chorus and drives the message home in ways that bring rock back to the forefront at the start of a new decade, and about f*cking time.

In this new age of isolated angst, what better way to kick out the jams and let out the feels but with a true rock track. This is lightning in a bottle and that bottle just got smashed.

About Attic Theory

Attic Theory are back with a brand new single ‘YOUR LIGHT’, which is the first track to be released from their highly anticipated debut EP ‘THE SIGN OF AN ACTIVE MIND’.

Remaining members of Liverpudlian based rock band Matchstickmen, Lewis Wright and Peter Donnelly are joined by guitarists Tim Cunningham (Rain May Fall) and Matt Lawler, Kenny McArthur on bass and Matt Simon (Limehawk/Guns N’ Roses Tribute – Guns2 Roses) on drums.

After the success of their UK/European tour with American rockers TANTRIC, and support shows opening for bands such as CANDLEBOX and TERRORVISION, Attic Theory were crowned PLANET ROCK’S ‘The Rocks 2020’ BEST NEW BAND earlier this year… then Covid-19 happened and everything was put on hold while the world stopped turning…

The award-winning band kept themselves and their fans busy and entertained by performing as part of live-streamed online festivals such as NWOCR: Webfest, Emerging bands: Going Solo Down In Isolation, Liverpool Digital Music Festival and Waterloo Virtual Festival and even unveiled a new song exclusively through the New Wave Of Classic Rock community, which was entirely written and recorded during the quarantine.

The government eased the lockdown guidelines and the band were able to start work on the new single.

With social distancing procedures put in place, Attic Theory re-entered the Motor Museum recording studios, where they recorded their previous single ‘MY OWN DESIGN’, which received countless radio plays and was praised as a “Brilliant bit of work“ by DEF LEPPARD’S legendary frontman JOE ELLIOTT.

Produced by Loïc Gaillard (Revival Black, Ashen Reach), ‘YOUR LIGHT’ is packed with powerful vocals and bold harmonies, beautifully ingenious guitar melodies, thunderous and masterful guitars and, as always, highly impressive grooves from the rhythm section, driving the track.

Drummer Matt Simon’s father, Geoff Dean, was the drummer with cult late ‘60’s group Timebox and Matt used his late father’s rare snare drum on the track, which his father gave to him not long before he died. The snare added depth and beauty to the sound which Loïc was able to bring out perfectly in the track.

Band frontman Lewis Wright said: “After winning the (PLANET ROCK) award and being quarantined, we wanted to lead with something to let the world know, we haven’t gone anywhere and we are still very much here. ‘YOUR LIGHT’ was the obvious choice as it’s a compelling track and I have a deep connection with the subject matter”.

Wright explains the meaning behind the new song: “I wrote the lyrics to ‘YOUR LIGHT’ about my future wife, Kelly. In a lot of ways, writing about “the now” is not an easy task for me as I like to over analyse everything, but the lyrics for this came together really easily as they are from the heart; She represents my salvation, she lights my darkest days but a relationship should never be one-sided”, says Wright. “I wanted to give her something back by writing these words to tell her I’ll always be there and sometimes, even the brightest star needs a light to guide its way“. Wright continues: ”It’s a fantastic opening single which musically, lyrically/melodically reflects us growing as musicians and closer as band of brothers, learning from mistakes and realising how you can move things forward and work as a hive mind”.

Attic Theory debut EP ‘THE SIGN OF AN ACTIVE MIND’ will be released later this year and the band are set to play PLANET ROCKSTOCK in December.

‘YOUR LIGHT’ will be available on all music major online stores and streaming services on 25/09/2020, released via the bands own label ’ThunderGun Records‘ and distributed by Nova Music Distribution UK, with a placement via Universal Music Operations.