Bad Pop has today premiered their new video titled ‘Heartache On The Reddit Boards’ on Jammerzine. On the surface, the video may seem to be a simple montage. Combine that with this track, with the footage shown, and you have a subtlety dark and slightly inaccessible music video for a song that beautifully drones the hook like an acoustic ballad yet drives the music like a dirty guitar driven hook. With the added saw, the sky’s the limit, musically. It shows, to me, that the song is part of an EP outside of the box. Our review of that is HERE.

Whatever your initial first look impression is of ‘Heartache On The Reddit Boards’, one thing you will be sure of, and that is that first look will be unique to you. Your first impression of the song will be based on how you are when you heard it at the time. This is left as an open book with few words. Read them and interpret.

‘Dark Metal’ is out now.

About Bad Pop

Bad Pop returned in 2021 to resume their journey on the alternative highroad and ramblings against “bad pop” music. The comedic and self-deprecating backing of the name acts as a reflection of the band’s mutual love for comedy as well as music. Meeting in 2013 in the dingy comedy and music clubs of Vancouver, their love for humour doesn’t stop there as Devon even survived a stand-up career prior to his music and production profession in Bad Pop taking centre stage.

With Devon’s initial offer to produce Hot Panda’s record (vocalist and bassist Chris Connelly and Catherine Hiltz’s first band), the relationship became more fruitful in the coming years when he joined the new outfit Bad Pop. Their Dark Metal EP campaign has seen amazing support from Planet Rock’s New in Music shows and Amazing Radio as well as continued support from Louder Than War, CLOUT, GigSlutz and publications all across the UK.

Bad Pop have grown up, and they’re kind of pissed off about it. So, these Canadians have turned to every teenager’s refuge: distortion pedals and sarcasm. A deluge of raw punk rock with warm analogue psychedelia poured over cheeky nihilistic musings, on everything from fast food and festivals to the loneliness of adulthood. Bad Pop have crossed the world on dozens of tours and played festivals like Primavera Sound, SXSW, and The Bacardi NH7 Weekender in India. They’ve lived the ups and downs of growing up playing music. It left them jaded and gentle, melodic and menacing.