Filmed on an island, in Messe Nord Train station and at an escalator entrance. There is a magical story of an orange born in Berlin and ripped to pieces by a beautiful woman in an untraceable place. This video Visually encompasses our mixture of sounds and backgrounds that have brought our band together, the tropical vibes, the deep city, Berlin, a return to nature.

Bakery – Go In (from debut album “Lucy” –

Music : Bakery
Cast : Austin Paul, Temple Hayes, Priscilla Huggins, Raffael Bode

Production : Johannes Orthmayr, Simon Becke
DOP : Alexander Schneider
Post: Stephan Mühlau
Make-Up/ Costume : Carmel Snow

About Bakery
Bakery is a genre bending, tripped out, Lo-fi experience. Psychedelic landscapes evolve with golden waves of electronica, trip-hop and brain melting. An elongated, circulating current of energy flow marks each stanza expanding in layers and layers of formulaic chaos…

Immerse yourself in the cool blues, the dynamic purples, the voltaic vocals, the power-driven guitar licks. Each track is a different microcosm to let your mind explore. Sun shining, rain pouring, wind twirling, they’ve baked up something atmospheric just for you.

Bakery is an experiment. genre bending, hip/trip hop, psychedelic, avant garde, Lo fi. soul. Combining Art, Music, and Mixed Medias.

We feel and hear in colors

We are vibes , delagating with different tribes.

SOURCE: Official Bio