Floating in a sea of sweet serenity and swimming in sexy solitude, ‘Breath’, the new single and video from Hungary’s Belau, is a beautifully crafted excerpt from the minds of the truly creative. This time around featuring the sultry vocals of Sophie Lindinger, ‘Breath’ is taken to the next level of creativity by taking an already brilliant track and adding the perfect vocalist into the mix. Let your ears be the canvas and your eyes capture the memory.

About ‘Breath’
The Hungarian chillwave duo ‘Belau’ after their critically acclaimed debut full-length now continues its journey towards the opportunity of finding the tranquility inside featuring the extraordinary and unbelievable melodies of Sophie Lindinger, the vocalist of Leyya (AT).

Belau are Péter Kedves, Krisztián Buzás.

Music: Péter Kedves
Vocals and lyrics: Sophie Lindinger
Mixing and mastering: Marci Kováts
Single artwork: Krisztián Buzás

Producer – Balazs Veres – http://pillowproductions.com/
Producer – Zoltán Mártonffy – http://cinesuper.hu/
Director – Attila Damokos – http://attiladamokos.com/
DOP – Marcell Nagy – http://marcellnagy.com/
Editor – Zsófi Érdi
Colorist – Lacó Gaál
Production manager – Balázs Veres
Unit production manager – Ádám Kolos
1st AD – Zsolt Vereckei
Main character – Barabás Henriett – http://attractive.hu/
Stylist – Maria Glaser
Make / up – Aliz Varga
Hair – Csongor Bozó
Gaffer – Zsolt Móna – White Light Studio
Best boy – Bence Jálics
Electrician – Varga Gergely
1st AC – Ádám Barta
2nd AC – Krisztián Tajti
Camera – http://kraftbp.com,  http://sparks.hu/
Set dresser – Alexandra Molnár
Set dresser ass – Kata Major
Props – http://www.propclub.hu/
P I L L O W P R O D U C T I O N S 2018.

Apple Music: https://apple.co/2J4qThM
Spotify: https://spoti.fi/2L9iryk
Deezer: https://bit.ly/2H6LNLf

Let me feel who I am
to lose the fear of losing my head…
Need to know ’bout myself,
I’m someone I can’t describe yet…

I can see what I want,
what i need to change to come along
and I know what you long
for in your life so let us dive.

And I hold my breath
just to feel
what’s inside my body…

I talk to myself
to tell me
that I’m free from all that…

Why don’t i see the place
people being open-minded?
Want to lose my disgrace
just can’t keep our bodies blinded.

We need to see what we want
what to change to move on!

I hold my breath
I hold my breath, breath…

BELAU 2018 © All rights reserved!