Bug Martin delivers an alt-rock-folk piece brilliantly crafted in the form of his new video and single titled ‘Dharma Blues’. Bug is a truly original artist. born in Jersey, he displays an almost Appalachian sneer in his vocals as his music is a beautiful blend of bluegrass, classical Indian and Hindu influenced chants and classic blues. Imagine that without listening. I dare you. I will say it again: brilliant!

About Bug Martin

Bug Martin is a storyteller. Born in the basement of New Jersey, Bug is a singer-songwriter who explores inner space to create moody, twangy alt-music conscious of Americana, blues, roots, and folk. Bug’s tunes evoke existential and confessional themes, often with tongue planted firmly in cheek. After spending several years germinating in Baltimore’s bizarre arts scene where Bug wrote and recorded several self-released albums and EPs, a course has been set northbound once more to a new homestead in Philadelphia. The new ‘Gutterball’, travels cross-genre relaying tales of hapless love and drunken wisdom stumbled upon along the way.

“A dusty, cinematic haunt soaks in as you step into outlaw spaces. A sense of methodical purpose looms as the earnest twang of vocals & guitar unite. A dire drama unfolds within desolate surroundings.”
– The Deli, Philadelphia

“As he sings of his woes over pedal steel sounds and tinkling banjo strums, Bug Martin draws us in, engaging us across campfire flames or under the lightning bug glow of a friendly front porch gathering. He tells the story of the everyman, the regular folks who deal with life’s struggles, and who sometimes find solace in a shot glass.”
– Mother Church Pew