Casper Sun gives us the privilege of premiering his new video titled ‘Tite Jams’ on Jammerzine. This is the summer for a song like this, and I’ll say that right at the start. Part of the new EP titled ‘Sad Summer’, that title is both prophecy and, possibly, premonition. But, what we get with ‘Tite Jams’ is that subtle confident smile in the middle of all of this mess that is the pandemic, protests, an uncertain election, and everything else that is testing our patience and our nerve.

The song, as well as the video, is such a canvas of sounds and solemn beats that it sails along through the speakers with a carefree laid back attitude as well as that certain something that is the beautiful hook and personality of the creator. And that personality is Casper’s penchant for showing us that he is like us. He’s just a guy that takes his music and lays it out there hoping we’ll like it, but knowing we will.

The video is as subtle and varied as the music and seamlessly blends with the changes in progression and mix as that perfect companion to the music. Whether you will view this as a lesson in creating original music, or just soak in that positive and smooth vibe from the song and video themselves, let this be your summer anthem.

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About Casper Sun

Casper Sun wants to be your soundtrack to late-night drives and morning wake-and-bakes, even when the world feels like it’s ending. Over the past few years, the Los Angeles native has built a hybrid sound pulling indie rock influences into hip hop sensibilities, but this July’s surprise EP, sad summer, is both his most fully realized and quickest to create.

“This EP was a spur of the moment… even though “tite jams” was written last year, the other two songs were written in one week,” Sun says. “With the quarantine, lockdown, and prevailing racial injustice, this summer of 2020 isn’t shaping up to be something to look forward to. sad summer is supposed to capture this idea that yes, it’s going to be a sad summer, but we can get through it together.”

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Made in the middle of working on his full-length debut, sad summer is both a timely detour and an apt benchmark for where Sun is taking the project, echoing the genre-blending confidence of contemporaries like Yeek, Brockhampton, and Dominic Fike. Similarly, sad summer places emphasis on being a visual project, arriving with visuals for “tite jams” that were filmed ahead of COVID-19 temporarily closing off Los Angeles’ beaches.

“I think a lot about this song and EP is just a cry for help from myself,” Sun adds. “I wanted to paint a dreamscape of sounds that capture the sepia-tinted world that we imagine summer to be, but I also wanted to tinge it with honest and blunt lyrics that evoke the situation we find ourselves in. Ideally, my music is for sad people to dance to.”