Chanel Samson is a Californian girl attracting a very large following across the north west of England as she brings some of her West Coast sparkle to Liverpool’s vibrant music scene. In the past year, the Chanel Samson Circus has performed at The Kazimier, East Village Arts Club, Parr St Studio 2, and Zanzibar to name just a few, showering her audience with glitter and showcasing burlesque, poetry, music, dance, juggling, magic, fire dancing, and acrobatics alongside her music.

Looking forward to taking her Circus to Beatherder Festival this year, Chanel says “I’m an entertainer through and through. When I perform I want to give people a real show! My target audience is anyone who’s ever felt left out or different. I give them a home, I give them acceptance and a group to belong to under my circus tent.”

Chanel’s six-piece band adds a quirky rock vibe to her slapstick ukulele based songwriting, and with two singles out on iTunes and Spotify, self-directed music videos attracting a lot of attention on Youtube and a new EP out in April, Chanel is on fire!

Born and raised in Los Angeles, California, Chanel came to England to study music at Paul McCartney’s Performing Arts School, LIPA. She completely fell in love with the city, finding it both welcoming and creatively inspiring.

The city has been the backdrop to many new life experiences, many of which have been the inspiration for the songs on her new EP ‘The Beginning’. The record follows her time in Liverpool, the men in her life, her friends, and one particular doomed relationship with Matthew. The track ‘F U Matthew’ documents the doomed love affair but it’s as cheerfully upbeat and irreverent as Chanel herself. Her lyrics are biting yet playful, and her delivery is tongue in cheek and knowing, allowing her to explore the darker aspects of relationships without ever losing that Californian sunshine smile.

A passionate environmentalist, rarlier this year Chanel released a single ‘Plant Killer!’ raising enough money to plant 47 trees with the Mersey Forest. The release was backed by a striking video released on YouTube. Chanel says “I believe anyone can make a change with a little action. To walk my talk, I’ve also called in a representative to LIPA to talk about the environment and what we, as inspirational artists, can do to save the planet.”

‘The Beginning’ EP was recorded and produced by Felix Hagan, lead singer and songwriter of Felix Hagan and the Family. Chanel met Felix last year and was initially drawn to his black and white striped leggings and theatrical performance, knowing immediately they’d get along well. Together they are keen to establish Circus Rock as a solid genre. Chanel says “The sound Felix brought to the EP is exactly what I wanted with rock guitar and quirky instrumentation. I used my horn players at LIPA and he recorded everything else at his studio in Manchester.”

Due to graduate in summer, Chanel plans to stay in the UK to tour England in June with an acoustic trio including cajon, cello, and ukulele.

‘Lovely and quirky at the same time, very cool and clever… You look and sound as if you could become Queen of the mixing and shaking it up genre!’
Julia Fordham

‘Dried Fruit is one of those rare tracks that as soon at it was finished I had to instantly skip it back and listen to it all over again. I’m lucky enough to be sent lots of songs to listen too and this one stuck out as a bit different, and pretty cool in fact.’
Jon Morter – The Jon Factor

‘Theatrical and fun their brief set is heavy on narrative, every song has a story behind it, and each follows on from the last.’
The Looking Glass – Patrick Clarke

‘Chanel Samson brings something to the music industry that’s gone missing in recent years….that’s complete originality and a beautiful eccentricity.’
Ian Weller – Stillhet Promotions