Metalcore/ Post Hardcore outfit, Come And Rest have announced the release of their new EP “Blacklist” on May 12th. Since the 2013 release of their debut EP “Royal Blood,” the band has developed a distinctive sound that makes them unique from the rest of the metal and hardcore genres. Produced and engineered by Chris Galvez and mixed and mastered by Brian Hood, “Blacklist” is a 6-track album that is sure to make any listener coming back for more.

Come And Rest has also released a new music video single “Slowburn” from the upcoming EP. Pre order “Blacklist” and check out the rest of the band’s pre-order packages at today.

“The weight between my passion and my responsibilities was, and still is, very challenging,” says vocalist, Noel Alejandro.

“My motivation was not to change people, but be self-aware of my experiences while recording this album. This was for me to let go and get better. We didn’t want to hide our true emotions, so we put them all on Blacklist.”



  1. Millenials
  2. Soapbox
  3. Slowburn
  4. Feeding Crows (Evermore)
  5. Behind My Eyes
  6. Dead Poet Society

About Come And Rest:
Come and Rest is a four piece metalcore/ post hardcore band hailing from Atlanta, Georgia that formed in 2011. The name comes from a bible verse but was quickly morphed into a statement known as a safe haven for their fans to express themselves. The band aims to be the voice of their listeners and to encourage one another to follow the voice inside their heads.

The group, which consists of Daniel Goehring, Josh Harmon, Noel Alejandro and Mitchell Garrett, released their first EP, “Royal Blood” in February of 2013 after solidifying their sound and becoming a local favorite. The EP attracted a new online following for Come and Rest, giving their hit single “Upside Down” more than 10,000 views and gaining them new fans around the country.

Shortly after “Royal Blood” had been released, the demand of Come and Rest rose and the band started touring in regional and national markets on a consistent basis. This would allow the act to develop an intense and high-energy live performance, captivating audiences across the United States.

In October of 2014, the group entered the studio with Chris Galvez of Good Fortune Audio to begin recording their next release titled, “Blacklist.” Mixed and master by Brian Hood (ERRA, Sworn In, Sirens and Sailors), the “Blacklist” EP showcases the band’s hardcore influences such as, Bring Me The Horizon, Architects and Letlive. Set to release on May 12th 2015, the six track EP will surely meet the expectations of new and old fans alike.