Daisy Glaze have released their new video for the track titled ‘Strangers In The Dark’, from their upcoming eponymous debut album releasing February 25th, 2022, via The Sound of Sinners label.

Directed by William Lemon III and Spacehog’s Antony Langdon, the video is a dark ride through the rabbles of two individuals who find love in the low end of life. Filmed in the style of movies such as ‘Lost Highway’ and other underground self-stylistic shots, combined with the quasi-post-modern vibe of the track, with a mix of march, madness, mayhem, and melancholy. ‘Strangers In The Dark’ succumbs to its own musical devices in a way that it surrenders to its own originality and introduces listeners/viewers to Daisy Glaze on Daisy Glaze’s own terms and devices as a new act for a new decade.

About Daisy Glaze & ‘Strangers In The Dark’

Daisy Glaze, fronted by Louis Epstein (HITS, Jump Into The Gospel) and Alix Brown (Angry Angles w/ Jay Reatard, Golden Triangle), announced their debut self-titled album produced by the legendary Sonic Boom (Spacemen 3, MGMT, Beach House, Iceage etc). Due out February 25 via boutique New York City label The Sound of Sinners, the band also shared the lead single + video, “Strangers In The Dark”. Directed by William Lemon III and Spacehog’s Antony Langdon, it’s a lusty, hallucinogenic tale about two people who see love only in risk.

'Daisy Glaze' album cover.
‘Daisy Glaze’ album cover.

Track List

  1. Occasum
  2. Ray Of Light
  3. Buffalo Thunder
  4. Strangers In The Dark
  5. Call Me Midnight
  6. Ortus
  7. Ghost of Elvis Presley
  8. Mary Go Round
  9. Statues of Villains
  10. How The City Was Lost

Though only their debut album, Daisy Glaze arrives fully formed; a nod to the psych-outlaw sound of the past with a definitive eye on the bleak side of the present — as if sound tracking a lost cinematic western in space. Over 10 tracks, the duo explore the sinister side of prismatic love and the different hues therein. Or as they explain, “More blues than pinks. Imagine the immortal words of Socrates who said ‘I drank what??’ But replace the poison he drank with Love.”

In 2016, Louis and Alix started writing songs and playing live with a 5-piece band, sharing the stage and headlining shows at various venues in New York City with The Black Lips, The Coathangers, Curtis Harding, and others. In 2019, the two flew to Portugal to record their debut LP with acclaimed producer Sonic Boom, who was an outsized influence on their sound and songwriting prior to working with him. Combining Louis’ new wave and brit-pop influences with Alix’s rock n’ roll bonafides, the two developed a sweeping cinematic sound that incorporates elements of Ennio Morricone, Jack Nitzche, and the much-loved ragged pop of Nancy Sinatra and Lee Hazlewood — with the visual aesthetics to match.