Darmon has released his new video for the single titled ‘Viaggio Miraggio’. Dark, brooding, and original, Viaggo Miraggio’ walks that fine line between post modern and operatic with the professionalism of a true artist.

About Darmon

Darman new single ‘Viaggio Miraggio’, from the album Necessità Interiore, is a game of mirrors about understanding and misunderstanding others, about the way our mind unconsciously modifies perceptions to make it fit our expectations and avoid fear.

About the song, author Dario Mangiacasale comments:

“Viaggio Miraggio is Light, it is that bewitching force that permeates our irises and gives us the magnificence of the Universe. Viaggio Miraggio is also pure love: going beyond what our mind wants to selectively accept and hold or deny and cancel, to the knowledge of the other.”

Darman is the moniker of Dario Mangiacasale, composer and multi-instrumentalist based in Turin, Italy. While influenced by psychedelic rock, and capable of delivering mind-expanding freeform suites, he also knows his way as for postpunk and 90s alternative rock, which emerges in his powerful, well crafted guitar songs.

Active since 2012, he released so far three full-length albums, Four-leaved Shamrock (2015), Segale Cornuta (2017) and Necessità Interiore (2020).

Featured image by Valentina Cipriani.