Deleo has released their new video for the track titled ‘Going Home’. Deleo continues their ‘evolution of revolution’ with this continuing escalation of quality of sound. Having kept them on my radar for almost a year now, this is clearly evident to me.

‘Going Home’ is the latest culmination of what Deleo is achieving career-wise with a beautiful hook and lush combination of instruments underlying a truly angelic voice.

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About Deleo & ‘Going Home’

After having successfully launched 2 singles during COVID, Deleo continues to distill the fruits of their upcoming album. And this time, with ‘Going Home’, the Montpellier combo plunges us into a multidimensional universe half-angel, half-demon …

‘Going Home’ is a pure ballad. Correction: ‘Going Home’ seems like a pure ballad. But in fact, the song reveals layers like infinitely opening drawers. Over the vibrant chords of an acoustic guitar, a voice begins to sing a melancholy melody at a cosmic distance that recalls The xx or London Grammar. This track evokes the mellow sadness of Autumn. As you listen and relisten, you spin endlessly against the backdrop of a sharp, haunting arpeggiator that drives this song towards the softly shining stars … far away from yourself.