Hailing from South West London, a scene that is thriving right now within the urban industry, is 90’s baby Dexter Sampson aka Dexman, giving you a blend of afrorap and hip hop, particularly drawing on the African theme combined with UK rap with his latest release Devil Ina Blue Dress featuring J Wanza.

Part of the Leftwing Movement, a democratic music group with a people focus and motivational lyrics that can be heard in previous releases such as Mama Don’t Cry, a future release and other tracks such as Never See Us Gunnin and Lean On Me. They all point towards the Leftwing factor of democracy for all those musically.

Dexman also has been given invaluable information on the music industry from Corey Johnson, one of the most influential figures within the urban industry, looking after acts such as Nasty Crew, Lady Fury, Maxsta, 15 Family and Blade Brown and more recently being very closely linked with Drake ft Kyla’s huge hit One Dance, and also using the studios where many great acts have recorded, such as the late great Amy Winehouse.

Dexman could be described as a genre hopper, navigating his way through various genres such as pop, hip hop, reggaeton, drill, house and RnB, he showcases his style, versatility and passion across all genres, with various co-rappers within the movement they all motivate each other to better themselves and accomplish and encompass other aspiring artists with a democratic, people caring view.


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Devil Ina Blue Dress has received a brilliant response and after being featured on Link Up TV and Hackney’s Finest the video has received over 40,000 views on the platforms combined in under a week, delivering musical messages metaphorically and with versatility, something which is paramount to Dexman, taking influences from heavyweights such as Dr Dre, Meek Mill, Skepta, Drake, taking in all their achievements, speaking volumes to Dexman and motivating him to take that next step within the music industry.

Not shy to the stage, Dexman has performed at both the O2 and Water Margin, alongside other Leftwing movement members, with great reviews, this has encouraged Dexman to further his career musically.