California metalcore outfit Disruption have released the video for their new track “Skylines”. Tight to the core is more like it. And that is what Disruption are. What I personally have to say, actually is”Finally a f*cking metalband with rhythm and melodacity!” (melodacity: a word I totally made up combining audacity and melody). And it is true. Not only that, but a hook to boot. Disruption are at a point musically where they can be remembered in the white noise that is the 21st century music industry and that is an almost impossible feat. They brought the air guitar back with “Skylines”. The video is every bit as visually stunning as the song is…uh…well…disruptive to the ears. And, in metalcore lore, that is a good place to be.

About Disruption:
Conceived out of a deep love for classic rock and all things heavy, the metalcore band Disruption infuse the multifarious layers of their music almost effortlessly. The San Francisco quartet formed just last year, but have already unveiled their debut single “Skylines” and recruited Shawn Milke from Alesana for guest vocals. They recently inked a deal with Washam MGMT and plan to release their debut full-length in early 2016. Optimism fills the air around Disruption as the song declares “I have found a lot of beauty in the dark, as I have found many horrors in the light. What awaits at the skyline?”

SOURCE: Official Bio

Disruption are:
Robert Ramos – Vocals / Guitar
Shane Beeman – Guitar
Mark Riffle – Bass
Brendan Filippi -Drums