Doberman & Bacchus team up with  The Electric Swing Circus & DJ Jabbathakut for the new video titled ‘Minnie’ from the upcoming ‘Swing Hop’ EP.  Starting off like a rapid-fire machine gun of swing backed lyrics, ‘Minnie never lets up and never lets you down with that special something that lets you get it even at this lyrical speed.

The video is retro in scope and cinematic in retrospect with a ‘filmtastic’ feel with that hype that pumps the adrenaline and heightens the senses. I’ve had to watch this three times, to be honest. Once to sit there in awe and twice to appreciate it for what it is. Brilliant.

About ‘Minnie’

Minnie is the lead single from The Swing Hop EP by Doberman & Bacchus. Featuring the turntablism of UK hip-hop vet JabbaThaKut, the track sees the northern duo rapping at a breakneck pace over a rampant instrumental by The Electric Swing Circus, which originally appeared on the band’s debut album as a revamp of Cab Calloway’s classic Minnie the Moocher.

Shot and edited by Dfacer, the visuals see our unlikely hip-hop heroes roaming through an eerily quiet, pandemic-ridden Leicester Square in search of a decent pint.

Doberman & Bacchus – ‘Swing Hop’ EP

Northern emcees Doberman and Bacchus will be independently releasing The Swing Hop EP on Friday 31st July. The experimental project sees the duo’s characteristically rugged bars and breakneck flows colliding with live instrumentation supplied by Birmingham-based fusion pioneers The Electric Swing Circus.

With additional guest vocals by London-based jazz vocalist Iris Athanasiadi and scratches by JabbaThaKut, the sounds on the EP range from the band’s usual cocktail of swing, electro, and hot club jazz elements to hip-hop and dub territory.

The rappers first met the band at a chance meeting in Birmingham’s Pirate Studios, having booked overlapping rehearsal slots in the same room. After discussing their mutual love of old school boom bap, band frontman Tom Hyland suggested sending across some instrumentals, and the project was born.

Recorded by ExP (Flame Griller/Tough Crowd) and mastered at Phantom Power Studios, The Swing Hop EP will be available on all major streaming platforms, and available for free download on Bandcamp.

Video Credits

  • All instrumentals are original compositions written and performed by The Electric Swing Circus
  • Mixed by ExP at DubWhy Studios
  • Mastered at Phantom Power Studios
  • Artwork by Callum Carr
  • Guest vocals on Empires by Iris Ath
  • Scratches on Minnie by DJ Jabbathakut