Earthist have just released the video for their new single titled “Not Today”. This song, to me, is one continuous hook from start to finish. Soaring vocals and thrusting guitars abound, “Not Today” is for today for it will make your day and realize that the indie scene is not only alive and well but stands up in every way shape and form to the classics of old. The video is a stunning representation of the song in that it captures the band in their most inspiring environment, which is a live setting. My only complaint is that the song is too short but the best things in life usually are.


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About Earthist
Earthist was formed in 2012 in Parma, Italy. The band members are Federico Ronchini (1992, Lead Vocals and Guitar), Francesco Parrino (1994, Lead Vocals, Piano and Keyboards), Giacomo Giuffredi (1992, Guitar and Backing Vocals) and Alberto Tanara (1993, Drums).

Their sound evolved from britpop into a modern and powerful Alternative-Rock involving influences mainly coming from Folk, Indie, Progressive and 60/70’s Rock, enriched with rhythmic and melodic experiments.

After several gigs in the hometown (more than 20 in a few months), in April 2013 Earthist released “Now. Here. Or Nowhere.”, an EP featuring the first 8 self-composed songs, which achieved a great success even outside their city. It came first in many local and national contests such as “Notte d’evasione”, “Rock Industries Contest” and “FaNote 2013”, giving the band the opportunity to play at important festivals alongside Italian and foreign rising bands. Some of their songs have also been part of “Dreaming Alaska”, a feature film by Emanuele Valla that was critically acclaimed in many independent festivals and distributed in the US.

Within a year, their achievements and dedication began to show great results: the good reviews on the local radio and social media led Earthist to the attention of producer Riccardo Daga and A&R Carlo Bellotti, who decided to sign them for the release of their very first album.

Featured Photo: Andrea Bazzini