With a slick beath and an awe-inspiring rhyme string that ties the song like a bondage knot, Epic Beard Men drop the mic right on our heads with their new single and video titled ‘Crumbs in Every Bag’. This track starts off like an ear infection that won’t go away but hurts oh so good and sticks with you long after the track is over. The lyrics are fused with the beat and shoot out like soul bullets aimed right at your head that kills without totally killing you. This is rap as poetry.

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About Epic Beard Men
Sage Francis and B. Dolan finally caved into years of fan pressure and formed the official super duo Epic Beard Men.

The super-duo embraced the absurd name as a reminder to themselves that, while they tackle a lot of difficult subject matter in their solo work, this group’s mission boils down to one thing: “This is supposed to be fun, for fuck’s sake.” And so, This Was Supposed to Be Fun, the debut LP (and second official offering) from EBM was conceived – and is finally here. This album knocks. It parties with disreputable outlaws in truck stops. It blends the classic sounds of breakbeats and timeless drum machines with soul grooves and sub-bass. Guitars, violins, and a goddamn brass band have sat in before the party’s over.

Throughout 50 minutes of intricately produced rap music, the duo of storied rapper/poets wander freely and set fires like the latchkey kids they once were. This Was Supposed to Be Fun, but that doesn’t mean either emcee has shied away from their signature blend of the personal and political; topics range from the absurd to the unshakably true. EBM are two rap greybeards who aren’t afraid to swing freely from dead-serious to wryly hilarious.

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Hailing from the industrial outskirts of Providence, Rhode Island, both artists are walking hip-hop vaults who fiddle with esoteric knowledge over hypnotic, sprawling sample compositions. For well over a decade, no matter how many tours they survived or solo releases they dropped — more than 20 between the two, depending on how you count ‘em — the members of this dream team and their DIY Econoline ethic endured a certain outsider status in the rap world. Last year’s debut EP, Season 1, poked fun at that label, while still delivering a sublime buckshot blast of political commentary, interpersonal dispatches, and healthy introspection. Now the joke isn’t so funny anymore.

Except, of course, when it is: Slug of Atmosphere joins the gang in some NC-17 fun, as Sage and B. are soulfully backed by Blue Raspberry (Wu-Tang Clan) on the road-noir tale “Pistol Dave”. Eligh of Living Legends and South African newcomer Yugen Blakrok contribute blistering verses, while tourmate and New Orleans Bounce legend Vockah Redu contributes a brilliant supporting turn.

Epic Beard Men rap and produce like keepers of the flame. TWSTBF is filled with sharp, satirical, bombastic edutainment, writ large in neon bubble letters for all the world to f**k off to. It plays like a dark Buddy Comedy gone spectacularly sideways: the mighty Epic Beard Men are back in the barber chair, f**kin’ up your market share. You can’t tell them sh*t. The chill is gone. The chill was never here.