Fany de la Chica premieres her new video for the track titled ‘Tengo Miedo’ right here on Jammerzine. ‘Tengo Miedo’ translates to ‘I’m scared’ ion English. This video is far from anything to fear, however. With sultry expertise in retro lounge jazz and masterful ear at her own vocal range, Fany de la Chica seamlessly transitions from Spanish to English and back again with the mind of a musician and the heart of a poet. Her backing band is in full effect as well by combining a smooth swing beat and percussion with the swing of the jazz masters of old with flush key changes and improvisation horn leads that give that smoke-filled dark room atmosphere that lends the question “Where’s the Brandy?

Fany de la Chica is rapidly proving to be a force of many faces in the music world. Stay tuned.

Her forthcoming debut album, Dressed For A Sunday, combines elements of flamenco, r&b, pop, and even trip-hop in a way that may remind listeners of Rosalia or Kadhja Bonet’s moody jazz.

About Fany de la Chica

Fany de la Chica is an Andalusian (south of Spain) award-winning filmmaker and singer based in Harlem (New York). Her films have been screened in more than one hundred international film festivals and featured in HollywoodReporter, MovieMaker, CineWoman or Glamour Magazine. She has an MFA in directing/screenwriting from Columbia University of New York.

During her time studying, she suffered depression following the dissolution of her relationship abroad. She decided to take singing lessons in Columbia’s Jazz Department, and write songs in order to heal the pain. Together with other jazz musicians like Jake Chapman, indie producer Sahil Ansari, and DJ Ann Streichman, she recorded and produced her first album, Dressed for a Sunday. The album is influenced by her roots in flamenco and copla, and infused with jazz, R&B, electronic and indie music.

Director – Mike Goitanich in collaboration with Fany de la Chica
Original Idea – Fany de la Chica

Piano – Jake Chapman @chappymilkshake
Saxo – Eli Aleinikoff @monkeybars_
Bass – Conner Duke @connerdukebass
Mastering – Daniel Obregon @pristinesoundny
Music Producer – Sahil Ansari

Script / Video Producer – Can Turedi
Co – Producers – Taylor Ortega / Brett Pedersen
Production Design – Rod Llaverias / Sigga Regina / Maggie Briggs
Director of Photography – Rajeevan Nithiyananthan
Editor – Sydney Cowper

Cast – Tricia O’Toole / Gabriel Rysdahl / Sebastian Quinn / Samantha Scaffidi / Una Eggerts
Background – Kobe Boateng / Christie Chu / Ran Kang / Donggyun Han / Esteban Garcia / Mariana Saffon / Isaac Sleator / Julian Spector/ Tatyana Wolfman / Callahan Froer / Ryan Murnane / Benjamin K. Martin / Elliot Zarabi

First Assistant Director – Dan Slottje
Second Assistant Director – Maggie Briggs
First Assistant Camera – Brett Pedersen
Second Assitant Camera – Ben Klein