Flip is timeless with his R&B, Funk and Pop beats, his throwback to better times with lyrics move listeners forward. Keeping it real, Flip Winfield’s style is inspired beats that makes his music stand out from everything else out there.

“What inspired me to write the song was one day at soundcheck before the show I was messing around on the drums jamming to the beat that you hear on Dance and start singing the hook to the song goofing around during soundcheck as I always do before every show having fun you know.I noticed that beat had people that worked in the venue dancing and that took off into a 20min jam session just singing the hook, then it sparked me to write the song when I got home. I heard a couple of band members say man I can’t get that hook out of my head and I knew it had potential. So I wrote the song called band members into the studio the following week and we laid it down. I’ve always been the type of person that loves high energy music that sends electricity through your body that makes you feel good to be alive, so my goal is to send a message about jamming to your favorite song no matter what it is.”

Flips first single, “Dance” is now out with his EP (with the same title) will be dropping in early 2021. This highly energised recording artist will be bringing the party to all stages with their super-charged performances in the new year.