Fly Felix has officially premiered his new video for the track titled ‘Beautiful Animal’. I have to start by saying that I love the Tarot Card motif as an identity factor within each Fly Felix video. It’s an obvious continuation and lesson stamp giving an identity to each track.

For the song, the originality is present throughout with an original catchy hook and those vintage style recorded instruments, especially the acoustic guitar and the muted bass. But, the surprise is in the chorus! That subtle yet catchy drive behind the chorus makes this song signature.

The animation enhances the song in a way that gives it a cinematic animated look fit for a theater.

This, to me, is what Fly Felix is defined with. He has found his sound and that sound is original.

“Every Fly Felix song is represented by a unique tarot card, each offering a related lesson. Beautiful Animal’s animated story will take viewers into this tarot inspired universe, following the narrative of a woman and lion. These two figures are emblematic of the “Strength” card, which encompasses themes of Compassion, Bravery, Fearlessness, and Self-Acceptance.

The music video will launch a fundraiser in support of the National Forest Foundation, and the Northern Arizona Forest Fund. Support helps bring awareness to the health of our forests, watersheds, wildlife restoration, and preservation of crucial habitats.”
Fly Felix

About Fly Felix

The indie-rock recording project of singer/songwriter, and producer Drew Tyler. Fueled by cosmic energy and driven by mysticism, Fly Felix sound waves soar across the Mojave desert and land in a vortex of alternative influence. To achieve an original sound, Tyler took a 4-month writing retreat at a secluded cabin in Sedona before moving to Los Angeles to record his first album. There, he partnered with keyboardist and composer Eric McDermott. The two self-released “The Sun Will Wake You Up” in early 2020, led by the debut single “Beautiful Animal.”